Taoist Inner Alchemy

Chinese Millinery Techniques organized into a complete program for Energy, Health,
Emotional Transformation, Spiritual Growth and Self Knowledge


TAO Feminine

Weekly class at Box, Serra Grande, Bahia
2016 Every thursday from 8am to 9:30am
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Through the ancient principles of the Yin and Yang and of the Taoist Way, I invite all women to join in for an Inner Journey. 

Using physical, spiritual and emotional resources, we will explore new possibilities within the feminine nature and discover the treasures of its essence. 

Techniques and exercises will be proposed so that we can rediscover the female body and develop the enormous healing potential we have. Finally, we surrender to the deepest and quietest point of our Being, where the Yin roots, and access its unlimited strength, wisdom and light.

Course Contents
Chi Kung
Inner Smile & Six Healing Sounds
Microcosmic Orbit
Awakening the Cauldron
Accessing the Elixir of Life
Transforming sexual energy into Chi
(nourishing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies)
Breast Massage
Ovarian Breathing
Jade’s Flower
Chi self massage

Workshops throughout the year
Individual lessons

Basic Taoist Inner Alchemy Course

By doing simple Chi Kung exercises we can undo blockages and stimulate the Chi flow through the body's meridians. When the body is relaxed and energized, we connect more easily to ourselves and open to the true Inner Alchemy. 

The Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds are powerful meditation techniques that teach us to connect to our internal organs, transforming tension and negative emotions into Virtues. 

The ultimate goal of this course is the opening of the Microcosmic Orbit. The Orbit is composed by two of the most important body's meridians, the Conception and Governor vessels. These two interconnect the entire energy system of the body. We will learn how to circulate Chi through these routes and create a continuous flow, a regular orbit that balances our body and harmonize us with Nature and with the Universe.

Course Contents
Inner Smile; Six Healing Sounds
Cosmic Chi Kung
Initiation Iron Shirt Chi Kung
(Embracing the Tree and Golden Turtle)
Activating the Three Fires
Opening the Three Tan Tiens in the Six Directions
Microcosmic Orbit
Chi self massage

Workshops throughout the year
Individual lessons

TAO Yoga I
Iron Shirt Chi Kung

In the Taoist vision, man is the result of the interaction between the forces of Heaven (spirit) and Earth (matter). Iron Shirt Chi Kung helps us to open the energy channels of the body, reconnecting ourselves to these forces.

There are eight main postures that develop Inner Strength, strengthening the internal organs and teaching us to grow roots into the earth, increasing the vitality of the body.

It is an ancient method of Taoist Internal Alchemy that helps us to achieve individual balance.

Course Contents
Iron Shirt Chi Kung (postures)
Inner Smile
Six Healing Sounds
Chi self massage

Individual lessons

Tao Yin

Tao Yin's essential goal is to balance the body: combining flexibility, strength and Inner Energy.

It is a Chinese Yoga, based on the flow of Chi (energy) through the meridians of the body. It's practiced in a meditative way, unifying body, mind and spirit. We focus our attention into the inside instead of the outside, and execute postures with awareness and energy, allowing us to feel the totality of ourselves in the Present Moment.

From this sense of inner integrity, Unity with Nature, with the Universe and ourselves, automatically manifests.

Course Contents
Tao Yin (Tao Yoga)
Inner Smile
Six Healing Sounds
Chi Nei Tsang self massage (Abdominal Massage)

Individual lessons

The Aura Reading
See the flyer

The Aura Reading is a tool that allows us to access directly the Higher Self and bring to consciousness what is in the unconscious.

During a reading, we can see the inner state, the emotions, the thoughts, actions and the potential of a person. We find the records of the past and the present trends that help determine the future.

We read the seven major chakras and learn the energy dynamics that exist within each one of them. The Higher Self gives practical information on how to solve current challenges, showing us our lost qualities and/or repetitive patterns of behavior that retard our evolution process.

The Aura Reading is not only an energetic cleanse, but it as well brings great opportunity of understanding, release of patterns, inner healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

* Readings taken in Portuguese or English.

Professional Experience

Graduated in architecture, Susana Rito is a Chi Kung instructor, certified by the Universal Healing Tao Center of Mantak Chia, in Thailand. She is also graduated in Hatha Yoga in Brazil, and has studied Movement Therapy Techniques at Angel Vianna’s School

Despite having passed through other paths, her higher identification has always been to the Tao practices. Traveling through Europe, India and Thailand, she deepened her studies with several Taoist masters, such as: Mantak Chia, Juan Li, Tao Huang, Jutta Kellenberger, Aisha Sieburth and Fabienne Flamand.

Spending some time at the Universal Healing Tao Center, in Thailand, she received Master Mantak Chia´s teachings, from the basics Inner Smile to the advanced Inner Alchemy practices, ending the experience with the formulas Fusion of 5 Elements I, II , III and Kan & Li in the Darkroom. 
Throughout her stay at Tao Garden, she became certified instructor in the following: 
Basic - Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds; 
Iron Shirt Chi Kung; 
Healing Love; 
Tao Yin (Tao yoga). 

Since seven years Susana Rito has been sharing her research offering workshops.

Workshop TAO Feminine - Carnaval 2013
Pedra do Sabiá, Itacaré, BA, Brazil

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The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao 
The name that can be named is not the eternal name 
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth 
The named is the mother of myriad things 
Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence 
Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations 
These two emerge together but differ in name 
The unity is said to be the mystery 
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonder

Tao Te King
Lao Tzu